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Load Boards

Load Board for Testing, Setup and Qualification

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The Hartmann Load Boards were originally designed for in house use to test, setup and qualify standard chassis and custom systems. As demand for these products presented itself, Hartmann answered the call with a lineup of high quality load boards.
The product range has extended and is now available for almost every application and standard offered by Hartmann Electronic. From conduction cooled to air cooled, from simple passive (power burning) resistor boards to active, monitored and controlled load boards, the customer has a variety of load board solutions to choose from.

The Load boards based on CPCI, VME64x, Open VPX simulate electrical & thermal conditions on the respective system.

A system can now be electrically simulated by applying a load to the power supply unit for its verification which generates a heat enabling customers the ability to locate hotspots in their chassis so airflow can be properly directed.

Thanks to our load board technology, customers now save significant time and expense by confirming a system’s operating specifications for years to come.

cPCI 3U Load Board
cPCI 3U Load Board3U1 (4HP)Air cooled (with heat sink) or conduction cooled
cPCI 6U Load Board
cPCI 6U Load Board6U1 (4HP)Air cooled (with heat sink) or conduction cooled
cPCI Serial 3U Load Board
cPCI Serial 3U Load Board3U1 (4HP)Air cooled (with heat sink)
VPX 3U Load Board
VPX 3U Load Board3U1 (5HP), 1 (6HP)Air cooled, Air cooled – including Software Kit (Coming Soon!), Conduction cooled
VPX 6U Load Board
VPX 6U Load Board3U1 (5HP), 1 (6HP)Air cooled, Conduction cooled