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Power Backplanes

Power Backplanes for Every Standard

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It has started with type “M” and P47 for CompactPCI, which is also used for VME64x and has progressed to newer standards like CompactPCI Serial and VPX, which receive their own unique power connector.
The Hartmann Power Backplanes are rugged, reliable and powerful.
Nearly every Backplane comes standard equipped with its own power connector.

Power backplanes are available in a variety of form factors and configurations to fit almost every need. And for the needs that cannot be met by COTS products, Hartmann is proud to develop custom solutions.

Power backplanes are designed for all types of plug in type power supply unit which intended for mounting in a 19” card rack which complies to:

PICMG 2.11 Power Interface Specification: CPCI, PXI, VME64x & VXS backplanes
VITA 62: OpenVPX backplane

ImageNameStyleBoard SizeSlotsInput
6U VPX Power Backplanes
6U VPX Power BackplanesVPX6U1, 2AC / DC
3U VPX Power Backplanes
3U VPX Power BackplanesVPX3U1, 2, 3AC / DC
3U cPCI Serial Power Backplanes
3U cPCI Serial Power BackplanescPCI Serial3U1, 2AC / DC
6U cPCI Power Backplanes
6U cPCI Power BackplanescPCI6U1, 2, 3, 4AC / DC
3U cPCI Power Backplanes
3U cPCI Power BackplanescPCI3U1, 2, 3, 4AC / DC