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Test Adapter / Extender

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Adapters and Extenders for Testing, Setup and Analyzing: The test adapter is used for measurement and testing of test specimen boards, which gives optimal access of signals, address lines as well as power from backplane assembly.
Usually the test adapter has also some fields for voltage & current measurements and in some cases also some pins for wire wrap to realize custom connections.
ImageNameModel No.Description
cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter
cPCI/VME/VME64x Test AdapterCPCI/VME/VME64X Test Adapters allow measurements in both 3U and 6U assemblies. They can be mounted in chassis with an overall depth of up to 220 mm and are held firmly in place by the front and lateral guides.
VPX Test Adapter
VPX Test Adapter3U VPX extender card (160+60mm) as per VITA 46, PCIe Gen.3, up to 10 Gbit/s, IPMB-Bus (A&B), AUX-Clock, REF-CLK, SYSRESET