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VXS Backplanes

High Quality Backplanes for VXS Applications

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VXS (VME Switched Serial) represents an extension of the VME family according to VITA 41.0. This system is downward-compatible, so that assemblies with VME 96-pin connectors can still be used, while adopting the use of serial signals such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, Serial RapidI/O, and other fabrics.
VXS uses a straightforward Star or Dual Star centralized architecture with defined pinouts for interoperability. VXS uses the MultiGig RT 2 connector for P0 connector. Transmission speed for VXS is 2.5 GByte for each pair of cards.

Hartmann’s VXS Backplanes offer the highest quality and performance in the standard at a cost that won’t bankrupt your project. Low reflection is achieved on all of our VXS backplanes by utilization of uniform signal surge impedance. Automatic electronic daisy chaining is also achieved by our patented bi-directional procedure.

ImageNameBase SpecificationPower Feed
VXS Series
VXS SeriesANSI/VITA 41Terminal rails/screws