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Open Frame Chassis

High Quality Open-Frame Chassis for Development and Testing Applications

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The Hartmann Electronic Open Frame Development Chassis Series is our most diverse system yet. Available for 3U or 6U, with 34HP or 50HP with space for up to 12 slots, this versatile test system is sure to be an engineer’s best friend. A strong frame with an adjustable locking grab handle, along with a light-weight design make our Open Frame Chassis the perfect companion for easy transport from the lab to the testing grounds.
The Open Frame Chassis have built in manual controlled 120mm front fans and monitoring for fan and voltages. Optionally the customer can have conduction cooling arrangement for single slots or for the complete chassis. Different widths and combinations of 3 and 6U slots are available also.

These systems are available with or without a backplane, in air cooled or conduction cooled variants, and with 600W ATX power supplies. Backplane options include variants of cPCI, Serial, PXI, VME, VPX and more. Custom configurations available upon request. Ask your Hartmann for more details.

ImageNameWidthHeightBoardSlotsProfilePowerCoolingOrientationRear I/OHot SwapMountinghf:att:pa_chassis-widthhf:att:pa_board-sizehf:att:pa_slotshf:att:pa_power-supplyhf:att:pa_mounting
New Generation Development Chassis
New Generation Development Chassis50 HP425mm3Uup to 12to be selected1800W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop50-hp3uup-to-121800w-atxdesktop
Open Frame 3U 34HP Chassis
Open Frame 3U 34HP Chassis34HP317 mm3Uup to 8to be selected300W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop34hp3uup-to-8300w-atxdesktop
Open Frame 3U 50HP Chassis
Open Frame 3U 50HP Chassis50 HP317 mm3Uup to 12to be selected600W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop50-hp3uup-to-12600w-atxdesktop
Open Frame 3U front / 6U rear 50HP
Open Frame 3U front / 6U rear 50HP50 HP450 mm3U front, 6U rearup to 12to be selected600W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop50-hp3u-front-6u-rearup-to-12600w-atxdesktop
Open Frame 6U 34HP Chassis
Open Frame 6U 34HP Chassis34HP450 mm6Uup to 8to be selected300W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop34hp6uup-to-8300w-atxdesktop
Open Frame 6U 50HP Chassis
Open Frame 6U 50HP Chassis50 HP450 mm6Uup to 12to be selected600W ATXFixed FansVerticalYesNoDesktop50-hp6uup-to-12600w-atxdesktop