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Lightweight ATR

Light, lighter, ATRs by Hartmann Electronic….
Especially in airborne our space applications weight reduction plays a very important role. And that is exactly where our new lightweight ATRs come in handy. Thanks to advanced additive manufacturing (3D-printing) these ATRs are reduced in weight by up to 45%. And there are even more advantages: Heat dissipation and EMI performance are improved, too.
As we would love to design a rugged enclosure exactly according to your requirements, there is not even a need to stick to the ATR standard (ARINC 404, 600 etc.), but we are also able to design fully customized enclosures using advanced additive manufacturing.

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Advanced additive manufacturing or 3D printing of metallic materials is the new way of producing ATRs. This brand new manufacturing process enables totally new possibilities and advantages compared to ATR‘s that are made of punched and formed aluminium sheets and milled plates or brazed aluminium:

  • Up to 40% less weight
  • Increased heat dissipation
  • Enhanced EMI performance
  • More flexibility during design process
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