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VPX 3U Load Board

Load boards are essential in keeping any system in top running shape. As a full-system provider, Hartmann strives to not only provide the systems you need, but the supporting hardware as well.

The load board switches itself off at a temperature on the topside of the load test card or in a rack at 120 degrees Celcius +/- 5K. Once cooled, it turns itself back on. The incoming voltage levels for the voltages 5V, 12V, 3.3V, +12V-AUX, -12V-AUX, and +3.3V-AUX can be measured close to the plugs P0 and P1. These measuring points are run via the plug X1 on the front.4 temperature measuring points are attached to the load test card: On the front side, at bottom and top. These connections are also run via the plug X1. Available in both air and conduction cooled models.

Additional Information

Form Factor


Slot Pitch

6HP air cooled, 5HP conduction cooled


Simulate resistive loads on VPX systems for both electrical and thermal conditions


Air cooled, Air cooled – including Software Kit (Coming Soon!), Conduction cooled

Permissible Current Load

5V_VS3 0A … 15A in 1A steps, 12V_VS1 0A … 10A in 0.66A steps, 3V3_VS2 0A … 15A in 1A steps, +12V_AUX 0.66A ON/OFF, -12V_AUX 0.66A ON/OFF, +3V3_AUX 1A, ON/OFF

Control Voltage

5V_VS3, required

Voltage and Temperature Measurement

4 PTC resistors (TMP300 IC); one each at the front at bottom and top as well as rear top and bottom, Optional DVM plug-on board, Voltage and temperature sense lines are connected to 2 x 8 pin header (X1 connector) on front panel, Voltage levels for 5V, 12V, 3.3V, +12V_AUX, -12V_AUX, and +3.3V_AUX are sensed close to P0/P1

Thermal Protection

Automatic shut-off if any temperature is exceeding 120°C (+/-5K), Re-energizing after cooling down

Status LED

Bicolor for status good (green) and over-temp (red)

New Option

Configuration and monitoring by software

Part No.DescriptionDatasheet
LXH0001210VPX 3U Load Board - Air cooled – including Software Kit (Coming Soon!)


LXH0000840VPX 3U Load Board - Conduction cooled
LXH0000523VPX 3U Load Board - Air cooled



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