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With over 35 years experience in high-speed backplane and system platform design, customers rely on our expert knowledge to develop intelligent, practical solutions.

Companies from industrial automation, aerospace, transportation, military and medical imaging engage Hartmann as a member of their design team to develop innovative products that fulfill their most exacting requirements.


Competence in design and Thermal Flow Simulation


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High-Speed Backplanes

VPX, cPCI, VME64x, VXS, VXI, PXI, PXIe, ATCA, cPCIe, 2.16, cPCI Serial, cPCI Plus IO, high-speed differential pair routing

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System Platforms

Rack, desk, panel-mount Horizontal, vertical board mounting Shelf manager/smart fans Standard, Semi-Rugged, and Custom

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Custom Design Capabilities

Hartmann Electronic provides sophisticated system level assemblies using state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling, structural and thermal analysis, backplane simulation, and EMC analysis. These simulation capabilities offer first-time-right products that reduce time-to-market by providing customers with quantifiable performance results without the added expense of multiple prototypes.

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