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CompactPCI Chassis

High Quality Chassis and Enclosures for 32/64bit CompactPCI.

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CompactPCI is a standard in computer bus technology for industrial computing that utilizes a Eurocard type connector combined with PCI signaling and protocols. cPCI boards come in 3U and 6U variants and are typically interconnected through a passive backplane. The connector pin assignments are standardized by PICMG , allowing for eight boards in a PCI segment with multiple bus segments being allowed with the use of active bridges.

Unlike the original Eurocard solutions such as VME, which use connectors with a 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) pin spacing, CompactPCI cards use metric connectors with a 2-millimeter pin spacing, designed to the IEC 1076 standard. 3U boards have a 110-pin connector (J1), which carries the 32-bit PCI bus signals, and an optional 110-pin connector (J2), which carries either user-defined I/O with access on the rear or the upper 32 bits of an 64-bit PCI bus. 6U cards have an identical J1, a J2 that is always used for 64-bit PCI, as well as J3, J4, and J5 connectors for a variety of uses either as user-defined I/O or specified signaling such as Telephony and/or Ethernet signaling. Hot-plugging is a supported feature of CompactPCI. Some of the pins are slightly longer to provide proper grounding when devices are inserted and removed.

Hartmann CompactPCI system platforms provide intelligent, practical packaging solutions for high-performance processors. Available are 19” rack and desktop models for vertical and horizontal mounting of boards.  All systems are designed with enhanced EMC features, and conform to IEEE 1101.1, 1101.10/11 and IEC 60297-3-101, -102, and -103.

Systems can be ordered with intelligent fan trays, and shelf management for system voltage monitoring and multi-point temperature/fan regulation. Units come completely assembled, wired, and tested.

ImageNameWidthHeightBoardSlotsProfilePowerCoolingOrientationRear I/OHot SwapMountinghf:att:pa_chassis-widthhf:att:pa_board-sizehf:att:pa_slotshf:att:pa_power-supplyhf:att:pa_mounting
CompactPCI 2.16 10U 84HP 16 Slots
CompactPCI 2.16 10U 84HP 16 Slots84 HP10U6U1664 bit/33 MHz, SS left+right, 5VI/O250W cPCI, hot swapRemovableVerticalYesYes19" rack-mount84-hp6u16250w-cpci-hot-swap19-rack-mount
CompactPCI 4U 32HP 4 Slots
CompactPCI 4U 32HP 4 Slots32HP4U3U432 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 3.3VI/O180W ATXFixed FansVerticalNoNoPanel32hp3u4180w-atxpanel
CompactPCI 4U 50HP 8 Slots
CompactPCI 4U 50HP 8 Slots50 HP4U3U832 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 5VI/O300W cPCIRemovableVerticalYesYesRack50-hp3u8300w-cpcirack
CompactPCI 4U 84HP 8 Slots
CompactPCI 4U 84HP 8 Slots84 HP4U6U864 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 5VI/O300W cPCI, hot swapRemovableHorizontalYesYes19" rack-mount84-hp6u8300w-cpci-hot-swap19-rack-mount
CompactPCI 1U 84HP 2 Slots
CompactPCI 1U 84HP 2 Slots84 HP1U6U264 bit/33 MHz, SS left, 5VI/O250W cPCI, hot swapRemovableHorizontalYesYes19" rack-mount84-hp6u2250w-cpci-hot-swap19-rack-mount
CompactPCI 4U 42HP 7 Slots
CompactPCI 4U 42HP 7 Slots42HP4U3U732 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 5VI/O300W cPCIFixed FansVerticalYesYesDesktop42hp3u7300w-cpcidesktop
CompactPCI 3U/84HP 8 Slots
CompactPCI 3U/84HP 8 Slots84 HP3U3U832 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 3.3VI/O300W ATXNoVerticalYesNo19" rack-mount84-hp3u8300w-atx19-rack-mount
CompactPCI 1U 84HP 3 Slots
CompactPCI 1U 84HP 3 Slots84 HP1U3U332 bit/33 MHz, SS left, 5VI/O250W cPCI, hot swapRemovableHorizontalYesYes19" rack-mount84-hp3u3250w-cpci-hot-swap19-rack-mount
CompactPCI 2U 84HP 4 Slots
CompactPCI 2U 84HP 4 Slots84 HP2U6U464 bit/33 MHz, SS right, 5VI/O300W cPCI, hot swapRemovableHorizontalYesYes19" rack-mount84-hp6u4300w-cpci-hot-swap19-rack-mount

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