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VME / VME64x Backplanes

High-Quality Backplane Solutions for VME and VME64x Applications

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Hartmann Electronic is an industry leader in the designing, manufacturing and production of backplane technology, including VME and VME64x. Over the evolution of its near 40 years of existence, VME-bus has become a worldwide standard and is still used in a wide variety of applications across many different markets. Hartmann’s innovation in cost effective design benefits customers in diverse industries including military, transportation, medical imaging, telecom, industrial controls, and aerospace.
Hartmann’s VME Backplanes and enclosures are made for industrial applications in different form factors, including vertical and horizontal orientation of the backplane and cards.

As an active member of VITA, Hartmann backplanes fully comply with, or exceed all specifications in accordance with ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997.

ImageNameBoard SizeBase Specification
VME 3U 129-130-30-31 Series
VME 3U 129-130-30-31 Series3UANSI/VITA 1.1-1997
VME-VME64 6U 162 Series
VME-VME64 6U 162 Series6UANSI/VITA 1.1-1997
VME 64x 3U 165 Series
VME 64x 3U 165 Series3UANSI/VITA 1.1-1997
VME 64x 6U 166 Series
VME 64x 6U 166 Series6UANSI/VITA 1.1-1997