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cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter

The test adapter is used for measurement and testing of test specimen boards, which gives optimal access of signals, address lines as well as power from backplane assembly. Usually the test adapter includes fields for voltage and amp, current measurements and in some cases also some pins for wire wrap to conduct custom connections.

Additional Information

  • Test adapter allows measurement and testing of both 3 and 6U assemblies (CompactPCI, VME64x)
  • Test adapter can be mounted in chassis with an overall depth of up to 220 mm. Test adapter is held firmly in place by the front and lateral guides.
  • CompactPCI with access to the test boards from 3 sides / 3U or 6U ME and VME64x bus systems with 2 side card access
  • CompactPCI adapter allows for up to 3 cPCI cards and 1 PCI card to be inserted into a single cPCI slot.
  • CompactPCI: The complete windows support provided by this product facilitates fast system integration – additional drivers are not needed. PCI devices are detected by a standard PCI BIOS with BIOS extension.
  • CompactPCI: Automatic voltage adaption to 3.3 or 5V I/O backplane. Secondary V I/O can be set by jumper LED indicators are provided for all secondary voltages. All operating voltages can be separated for current measurement
  • EMC compliant, controlled impedance layout design guarantees optimal operational reliability
  • VME: all bus signals can be separated by jumper
Part No.DescriptionDatasheet
3610000700cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter - 3U CompactPCI Peripheral Extender 32bit / Rear IO, 320mm, P2=1:1
1H00000803cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter - 3U CompactPCI to 4 PCI Adapter
LXH0000030cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter - 3U VME64x Peripheral Extender J1
1H00166011cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter - 6U VME64x Peripheral Extender J1/J2/J0
1H00166021cPCI/VME/VME64x Test Adapter - 6U VME64x Peripheral Extender J1/J2

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