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VME 64x 6U 166 Series

Hartmann Electronic is an industry leader in the designing, manufacturing and production of backplane technology, including VME and VME64x. Over the evolution of its near 40 years of existence, VME-bus has become a worldwide standard and is still used in a wide variety of applications across many different markets. Hartmann’s innovation in cost effective design benefits customers in diverse industries including military, transportation, medical imaging, telecom, industrial controls, and aerospace.

The 6U 166 Series boasts a variety of configurations to fit a complex array of needs. From 2 to 21 slots, optional active or passive termination, there is an option for every need. Talk to a Hartmann representative today to see which configuration will work for you!

Additional Information

Form Factor



10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 2, 20, 21, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Slot Pitch

4HP (20.32 mm)

Power Consumption, Both Ends Terminated

Active: < 0.1A, Passive: < 1.6A

Daisy Chaining/Bus Grant

Electronic automatic (OR gate), Manual (jumper or wire wrap, on request)

Live Insertion

Series 167

Power Supply Connection

Terminal bar / screw terminal M6

Permissible Current Load


Permissible Current Load/Faston


Permissible Current Load of Combined Double Spade/ Screw Connection


Permissible Current Load Per Slot

+3.3V 12.5A, +5V 9.0A, +12V 1.5A, -12V 1.5A, +5V Standby 1.5A, +48V (38-75V) 3.0A

Termination ON/IN Board

Active, Passive

PCB Design

Optimized for best HF behavior

Base Specification

ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997

Base Material

Type FR-4

Ohmic Resistance

< 1.5 Ohm

Surge Impedance Z of Signal Lines

60 Ohm

Chassis GND

Continuous chassis GND surface where backplane is mounted to rack., HF coupling of rack and system ground implemented by capacitors (10nF, 200V each slot). Chassis ground combination M6 screw / Faston 6.3 x .8 mm

Card Thickness

4.3 mm (.17")


160 pin, P0 95 pin, 2 mm press-fit, quality grade 2

Operating Temperature

Active: 0°C … +70°C, Passive: -40°C … +85°C

Relative Humidity

90%, non-condensing

Part No.HeightDescriptionTermination ON/IN BoardDaisy Chaining/Bus GrantDatasheet
B1664_ _ A7D6UJ1/J0/J2ActiveElectronic automatic (OR gate)


B1664_ _ P7D6UJ1/J0/J2PassiveElectronic automatic (OR gate)


B1664_ _ A8D6UJ1/J2ActiveElectronic automatic (OR gate)


B1664_ _ P8D6UJ1/J2PassiveElectronic automatic (OR gate)


B1664_ _ A7B6UJ1/J0/J2ActiveManual (jumper or wire wrap, on request)


B1664_ _ A8B6UJ1/J2ActiveManual (jumper or wire wrap, on request)


_ _ = Number of slots

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