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cPCI 3U RD Series

Hartmann Electronic’s board design is based on the HIGH-SPEED DESIGN concept. Low reflection is achieved by means of uniform signal surge impedance. The backplane design features an energy buffering feature which works across the entire frequency range. This guarantees improved reliability due to more stable supply voltages directly at each slot in conjunction with fluctuating loads. Continuous electrically conductive chassis GND surface located in the area where the backplane is mounted on the card rack. An M3 screw connection is available to connect chassis ground.

By installing a connecting bracket or busbar, chassis GND can be connected to ground in a low-resistance star arrangement. Separate 6-pin JTAG boundary scan connector is standard. Faster, simpler system initialization and testing via the JTAG bus when mounted in the chassis is achieved by direct access via an additional connector on the backplane
Main operating voltages are supplied via P 47 connector.

Additional Information

Form Factor


System Slot



1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Slot Pitch

4HP (20.32 mm) power supply slot 8HP

Power Feed

P47 Connector, for 8HP wide power supplies (ATX connector, screw terminals / professional)

Supply Voltage V I/O

3.3V, 5.0V



Transfer Mode

32 bit

Rear I/O

No, Yes

PCI to PCI Bridge


Utility Connector

JTAG, (IPMB / Professional)

Geographic Addressing

With Rear I/O w/o geo addressing

Permissible Current Load

5V up to 8A/slot, 3.3V up to 10A/slot

PCB Design

Optimized for best HF behavior

Base Specification

PICMG 2.0, R3.0

Hot Swap Specification

PICMG 2.1, R1.0

Base Material

Type FR-4 UL 94 V-0

Ohmic Resistance

< 1.5 Ohm

Impedance Z of Bare PCB

65 Ohm

Chassis GND

Continuous chassis GND surface where backplane is mounted to rack, comes with M3 screw for chassis GND

Card Thickness

2.8 (.11")


2 mm press-fit, quality grade 2

Terminal, 8 slots

On-board Schottky barrier diodes

Operating Temperature

≤ 8 slots: -40°C … +85°C

Relative Humidity

90%, non-condensing

Part No.System SlotV I/ORear I/OBus WidthClockDatasheet
33RD_ _4324Right3.3VYes32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _4524Right5.0VYes32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _3624Right3.3VNo32 bit66 MHz


33RD_ _4624Right3.3VYes32 bit66 MHz


33RD_ _3614Right3.3VNo32 bit66 MHz


33RD_ _4614Right3.3VYes32 bit66 MHz


33RD_ _3324Right3.3VNo32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _3524Right5.0VNo32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _4314Right3.3VYes32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _3314Right3.3VNo32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _4514Right5.0VYes32 bit33 MHz
33RD_ _3514Right5.0VNo32 bit33 MHz
_ _ = Number of slots

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