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Electrical Design

Custom Backplane Design, Technology, Schematic Design, Layout Service, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity
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Custom Backplane Design

  • Our engineers have vast experience in most complex PCB designs that have a demand on highest component coverage and complexiticity
  • Hartmann Electronic has earned a reputation for delivering custom products with fast time to market.
  • One key ingredient for that reputation would be our modular design methodology.
  • Whenever possible, our hardware engineers reuse proven schematics and layouts, rather than starting from scratch for each project


  • Proven layout technologies as a base for no risk, highly complex backplane design
  • Approved standard technology templates for backplanes and high-density designs for granted producibility
    Improved over years
  • PCB design with highest Component coverage and minimal structure size
  • Back-drilling to minimize stubs
  • Meticulous PCB material calculation

Netlist Translator (NETC5, individual software)

  • HE’s individual netlist translator software allows layout service without schematic import
  • NETC5 translates a custom library part-list notation into a part-list based on Hartmann Electronics’ component library
  • Software for netlist import directly into Zuken Layout tool – Supported netlist formats…

Schematic Design (ZUKEN, CR5000, CR8000)

  • SBC design