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Engineering Process

Four Eyes Principle, Schematic Design, Layout Service
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Hartmann Electronics development department supports you in a versatile way during your product development phase. Our experienced CAE layouter have more then 5000 designs and 45 years of experience. Hartmann Electronics engineers take the job for developing schematics, design layouts, do electrical and thermal simulations and high speed measurements with an ISO9001 certification process.

Our customers value our deep into detail, perfectionistic and faithful development procedure. We are proud to say that none of our customers have ever seen an design from us for approval, that was not double-checked by an second engineer. Our CAE design check procedure improved over years and became strong through our lessons learned mentality over decades.

“Four Eyes” Principle

  • Our Engineering and CAE design checklist has continued to improve over our more than four decades and 5,000+ designs of experience.
  • Our “four eyes” principle ensures that no customer sees a Hartmann schematic or layout design before it is rigorously reviewed by two of our experienced engineers. This helps us continue to ensure quality and customer satisfaction

Layout Service

  • Hartman Electronic offers layout services for most complex industrial, automotive, military, transportation and areospace designs
  • Years ago, HE developed, for that purpose, a rich-featured individual software package called “NETC5”
  • NETC5 allows the import of nearly any CAE netlist format into a Zuken based .ccf netlist without creating a schematic.
  • That allows customers to develop their own schematics. HEs very experienced layout engineers will do the rest of the job to provide you a complete production data package
  • Please have a look in the picture beside for detailed information about the documents that are supported for a layout service job to the customer by default

Schematic Design

  • There is nearly no technical specification that is setup correctly into detail for the first time.
  • During the development phase our experienced hardware engineers inform you about lack of clarities in technical detail to work with you on the same goal.
  • To inform the customer about the status of development it might be necessary to send you an actual .pdf version of the schematic.
  • For approval, none of our customers has ever seen a schematic design, that was not previously double-checked through a second hardware engineer.
  • Most of our customers are satisfied with a schematic .pdf and an excel part list for schematic approval. Hartmann Electronic will surely provide further information for schematic release if desired by the customer.