VME 64x Subracks


Hartmann VME64x subracks conform to IEC 60297-3, IEEE1101.1, 1101.10/11.  IP 20 according to IEC 60529.  

19” subrack models for vertical mounting of boards.  VME Subracks are supplied with all necessary mechanical components in flat-pack kit.  Select from a large offering of Hartmann backplanes, power supplies, fan cooling, and accessories to complete your system.

System Configurations
  • 3 and 6U VME64x subrack
  • Made of chromated aluminum
  • 3U or 6U x 160mm front side VME64x card cage
  • 3U or 6U x 80mm rear side card cage (rear transition module)
  • Holds up to 21 slot backplane
Mechanical Specifications
  • Heights: 3 and 6U
  • Width: 84 HP
  • Depth: 283 mm

Choose from a large selection of backplanes and accessories to complete your system

Custom Options
  • Mechanical Modifications
  • Product Branding and Labeling
Order Number Product Description


VME rear I/O card rack, 3U, 84HP, depth 283mm


VME rear I/O card rack, 6U, 84HP, depth 283mm

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