VME64x 7U System Platform


Hartmann VME64x 7U system platform conforms to VITA 1.1-1997, and provides an intelligent, practical packaging solution for high-performance processors.  19” rack model for vertical mounting of boards. 

System is designed with enhanced EMC features.  Rugged yet stylish chassis conforms to mechanical standards IEEE 1101.1 and 1101.10.  1U bottom fan tray.  Temperature sensors integrated on the backplane activate quiet axial fans for proper air flow through the chassis.

CML Shelf Manager offers measurement and full control, programmable trip thresholds (min/max voltage, max temperature), on/off switch, VME reset and 10 LED’s on front panel. Ethernet connection, www-server integrated, full control via SNMP protocol.  Separate power supply for fan and shelf manager. 

Unit comes completely assembled, wired, and tested.

Order Number: LMH0000280

System Configuration
  • 17 slot, 6U monolithic VME64x backplane with J1/J0/J2
  • 6U x 160mm front side VME64x card cage
  • 6U x 80mm rear side card cage (rear transition module)
  • Backplane has integrated 1x P47 connectors for 6U hot swap power supplies
  • CML Shelf Manager, learn more
System Cooling
  • 1U bottom fan tray
  • 3x DC fans, 119 x 119 x 32mm, 118CFM, 46.5dBA(A)
  • Airflow bottom to top 
  • Temperature sensors integrated on backplane
Mechanical specifications
  • Height:  7U
  • Width:  84 HP
  • Depth:  298 mm
Power supply
  • 1x 500 W 6U cPCI
  • 3.3V/60A, 5V/60A, +12V/14A, -12V/4A, and min load 5V/4A
  • Includes power supply connector with switch, fuse and filter
  • Separate power supply for fan tray and CML Shelf manager
  • Military Shipboard:  MIL-STD-810F;  514.5C-15 (vibration)
  • Military Highway:  MIL-STD-810F:  514.5 C-1 (vibration) and 515.5-10 (shock)
  • Railway:  EN 50155-EN 1373 class 1 B for rolling stock (shock/vibration)
  • Unit comes completely assembled, wired, and tested