ATX Power Supplies for System Platforms/Subrack

Features at a Glance
  • Wide range input voltage
  • AC/DC ATX Power Supply
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • 4 output voltages
  • Includes front panel with EMC spring gasket
Order Number Size Product Description

(with front panel/switch)

(without front panel/switch)

180 Watt

 3U, depth 150mm

100 – 240 Vac

5V/14A, 3.3V/12A, 12V/14A, -12V/0.3A

Minimum load;  12V/.1A

Front panel 10 HP, 3U

With switch

D575.00141 (3U)
D575.00142 (6U)

300 Watt (PS2)

 3U, depth 140mm

90 – 264 Vac

5V/35A, 3.3V/28A, 12V/22A, -12V/1A

Minimum load;  5V/0.5A, 12V/1A

With switch

Front panel 32 HP, 3U

Front panel 32 HP, 6U


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