VPX Power Backplane 3U 1Slot Uni Voltage


Part number: 2.H0001020

Key Features
  • Compliant to VITA 62.0
  • Low / High Input Voltage (18 - 36VDC / 85 - 265VAC)
  • Input (max.): 35A limited by P(Out = 680W)
  • Power input: 3U-Power VITA 62
  • Output (max.): 680W (90% eff.)
  • Output nominal:
    • VS1: 12VDC – 40A
    • VS2: 3V3 – 20A
    • VS3: 5VDC – 40A
    • 3V3AUX – 6A
    • ± 12VAUX – 1,5A
  • limited by Power-GND to 680W (12V + 5V)
  • M4 studs for output 12V, 5V and GND
  • M3 studs for output 3,3V, ±12VAUX and 3,3VAUX
  • PCB size 128,5 mm x 81,28mm x 3,0 mm
  • Operating temperature: -40° - +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -55°C - +85°C
  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0


Connector XPSU


VPX - Signal Connector from Power Backplane to Backplane (XSIG)

1,3: Return path for signals, grounded on VPX-Backplane
2: Failure in PSU (out, L)
4: System Reset (in, L)
5,6: User defined signals - for future use
7,8: Nuclear event detection
10-14: Sense for voltage adjustment



IPMB (A+B) Connector for VPX Power Backplanes (XI2CA + XI2CB)

1,3: Serial clock and data, IPMBA (SM0,SM1) of VPX
4: IPMB-Power is connected at VPX-Backplane
5: Not available from PSU



Connector for control of VPX Power Backplanes (XCTR)

1,3: Return path for signals, grounded on VPX-Backplane
2: Enable PSU (in, L)
4: Inhibit PSU (in, L)


R15 is optional for continuous Power supply ENABLE-Signal

R28 is optional for access to 12V by XCTR connector


Connector for auxiliary voltages (XAUX)

1: Auxiliary voltage ~ 3.0 V (2.55-3.5V, for setups, volatile memories etc.)



Switch SW1

RA0, RA1 resistors are optional for fixed geographic address


Connector Fans (X78)

X75, X76, X77

Fan single Connectors (X75, X76, X77)


Connector Schelfmanager (X80A)


Connector Schelfmanager (X80B)