VPX Power Backplane 3U 1Slot Low Input Voltage


Part number: B1931D4221

Key Features
  • Compliant to VITA 62.0
  • Low Input Voltage (18 - 36VDC)
  • M4 studs for input voltages
  • Input (max.): 40A limited by P(Out = 680W)
  • Power input: 3U-Power VITA 62
  • Output (max.): 680W (90% eff.)
  • Output nominal:
    • VS1: 12VDC – 40A
    • VS2: 3V3 – 20A
    • VS3: 5VDC – 40A
    • 3V3AUX – 6A
    • ± 12VAUX – 1,5A
  • limited by Power-GND to 680W (12V + 5V)
  • M4 studs for output 12V, 5V and GND
  • M3 studs for output 3,3V and 3,3VAUX
  • PCB size 128,5 mm x 38,92 mm x 3,0 mm
  • Operating temperature: -40° - +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -55°C - +85°C
  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0


Connector XPSU

R4, R6, R8, R9, R10 is optional if sense lines cannot be connected


VPX - Signal Connector from Power Backplane to Backplane (XSIG)

1,3: Return path for signals, grounded on VPX-Backplane
2: Failure in PSU (out, L)
4: System Reset (in, L)
5,6: User defined signals - for future use
7,8: Nuclear event detection
10-14: Sense for voltage adjustment



IPMB (A+B) Connector for VPX Power Backplanes (XI2CA + XI2CB)

1,3: Serial clock and data, IPMBA (SM0,SM1) of VPX
4: IPMB-Power is connected at VPX-Backplane
5: Not available from PSU



Connector for control of VPX Power Backplanes (XCTR)

1,3: Return path for signals, grounded on VPX-Backplane
2: Enable PSU (in, L)
4: Inhibit PSU (in, L)


R15 is optional for continuous Power supply ENABLE-Signal

R28 is optional for access to 12V by XCTR connector


Connector for auxiliary voltages (XAUX)

1: Auxiliary voltage ~ 3.0 V (2.55-3.5V, for setups, volatile memories etc.)



Current Share Connector for N+ parallel connect of VPX Power Backplanes (X_SHARE1)

1,2,3: Current share for VS1-3
3U (12V / 3V3 / 5V)
6U (12V / 12V / 5V) 



Switch SW1

RA0, RA1 resistors are optional for fixed geographic address