VME64x Load Board 3U

  • The load board switches itself off at a temperature on the topside of the load test card or in a rack at 120 degrees Celcius +/- 5K. Once cooled, it turns itself back on + 5V must always be connected as control voltage

  • The incoming voltage levels for the voltages +5V, +12V, 3.3V, and -12V and +5V STDBY can be measured at the measuring points close to the plug J1. These measuring points are run via the plug X1 on the front

  • 4 PTC resistors (PT100) are attached to the load test card: On the front site at bottom and top. These connections are also run via the plug X1

Load Board Control Options


Load Current

Control Options


0 A … 6 A

In 0.4 A stages


0 A … 15 A

In 1 A stages



1 A / Off / 2 A



1 A / Off / 2 A



1 A / Off / 2 A

Order Number Product Description


VME64x Load Board 3U with heat sink,HE2665 Rev. 01


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