VXS Backplanes


VXS (VME Switched Serial) represents an extension of the VME family according to VITA 41.0.  This system is downward-compatible, so that assemblies with VME 96-pin connectors can still be used, while adopting the use of serial signals such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, Serial RapidI/O, and other fabrics. 

VXS uses a straightforward Star or Dual Star centralized architecture with defined pinouts for interoperability.  VXS uses the MultiGig RT 2 connector for P0 connector.  Transmission speed for VXS is 2.5 GByte for each pair of cards

  • 6U VXS backplanes:  
    • 8 slot (6 VXS, 1 switch, 1 VME64x slot)
    • 11 slot (9 VXS, 1 switch, 1 VME64x slot)
    • 21 slot (18 VXS, 2 switch, 1 VME64x slot)
  • Slot pitch 4 HP (20.32mm)
  • Automatic Daisy Chain with OR gates(electronic), active or passive termination
  • Optimized for best HF behavior.  Outer layers designed as shielding areas
  • Live insertion signals (LI-IN: LI-OUT) are available via 2-pin feed-through connectors
  • PCB material FR-408 or NE4000-13), UL recognized 94-VO, 5mm (.20”) thickness
  • Conforms to ANSI/VITA 41.0
  • RoHS compliant
Features at a Glance
  • Board design based on the HIGH-SPEED DESIGN concept.  Low reflection is achieved by means of uniform signal surge impedance
  • Shielding of each individual signal line assures minimal coupling, even when expanded to the 64-bit mode with the 2e protocol (160 Mbytes/s)
  • Active and passive termination versions are available.  Active termination offers reduced closed-circuit consumption, Passive termination offers better frequency response and wider temperature range
  • Backplanes come with Electronic Automatic Daisy Chaining with a patented bi-directional procedure
  • Solid electrically conductive chassis GND surface in the backplane to card rack area for EMC-tight mounting.  HF coupling of card rack and system ground is implemented by capacitors (10nF, 200V in each slot).  A combination M6 screw/Faston 6.3 x .8mm is provided for chassis ground connection
  • Main operating voltage is supplied via terminal bars and M4 screws for the cables.   V1/V2 is available with M4 screw terminals.  They can be linked together with terminal bars.
  • The auxillary operating voltages are supplied via M3 screw terminals.  The arrangement of terminal bars ensures an optimal power supply of the modules.
  • Connectors are available for serial communication with 4 power supplies (PS-a-PS-4) and a DSP.  AUX_PWR is set to 5V or 5V SRDBY with a 3-pin feed-through connector.  These 2 connectors for system management IPMB and SMB.  IPMB_PWR and SMB_PWR is settable to 5V or 5V STDBY with 3-pin feed-through connectors
  • The special signals to the power supply unit are brought out to a separate connector on the backplane.  Besides the lines for Voltage Monitoring 8 external connectors for temperature sensors are feed-through to the 40-pin connector.  All lines for voltage monitoring are connected with Line Filters.  A double-row 40-pin connector with a contact spacing of 2.54 is used.

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