Hybrid VME64x/VPX Backplane, 3U 8 slot

Order No. Product Description
B190350230 Hybrid Backplane 3U 5 Slot, 3-VME64x Slots + 5-VPX Full Mesh X4 Slots
Topology: Full Mesh X4 PCI Express configuration

“Fat pipes“ from Slot to Slot, 4 lanes/ link (= 8 differential pairs)

Power Studs M4
  • The main operating voltages (+12V, +3.3V, +5V) and GND are supplied with M4 screw terminals.
  • The auxiliary operating voltages are supplied via M3 screw terminals. Optimal daughter board supply and trouble-free operation are ensured by the  arrangement of the feed modules on the backplane.
  • The permissible max. current are 40 A/ M4 screw
  • Consider: Max. 36A/ Slot acc. VITA 46.0 allowed
Utility Connector
  • There are 2 connectors for system management IPMB and SMB. IPMB_PWR and SMB_PWR are connectable to power with 3-pin feed-through connectors (X2/X4).
    For customer specific board assembly  Zero-Ohm resistors are available.
  • Usable voltages for IPMB are 5V / 3.3V-AUX and for SMB 5V / +5VSTBY.
  • In addition 2 JTAG-Connectors for VPXSlots 4 (X200) and 8 (X201) are available.
JTAG Connector

In addition 2 JTAG-Connectors for VPX Slots 4 (X200) and 8 (X201) are available. 


Normally a battery voltage with approximately 3V is available at Pin VBAT
of connector VPX-J1. The voltage is externally accessible with connector X5 or
internally using 3.3V_AUX by closing Jumper BR2.


If Jumper BR1 is closed NVRMO is set to memory writeable.

System Controller Module

The first VPX-Slot is provided for a system controller module. In this case Jumper BR3 has to be closed.

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