VPX Backplanes, 3U 4 and 5 slot Full Mesh X1

  • Compliant to VITA 46.0 baseline specification

  • Supports VITA 46.10 with RTM connectors

  • Supports VITA 46.4 Full mesh X1 PCI Express

  • 3U, 5 slot, Full mesh configuration, 3.125 Gbaud

  • Material:  FR-4

  • M4 studs and ATX 24-pole connector for power entry

  • PCB size 128.5mm x 120.7mm x 5.4 mm

  • 4 HP from slot to slot (20.32mm)

  • Flexible keying and alignment mechanism

  • System Management Interface on the backplane (I2C1, 12C2)

  •  with JTAG connector on first slot

  •  with geographical address pins

  • Reference clock

  • Non-Volatile Memory Read Only signal set by Jumper BR1

  • Battery backup option setting by Jumper X5. Vbat external or connected to 3.3 AUX.

  • Power Consumption:  VS1:VS2:VS3 = 40A : 80A : 80A (36A/ Slot and Voltage)

  • System Reset

  • P1 Reserved Signals

  • Operating temperature: -40° +85°C

  • Storage temperature: -55°C +85°C

  • Flammability rating: UL94-V0

Order No. Product Description
2.K2304010 VPX 3U 4 Slot,  Full Mesh X1
2.K2305010 VPX 3U 5 Slot, Full Mesh X1
Backplane Topology: Full Mesh X1
System Management IPMB (I2C1, I2C2 connector)

There are 2 connectors (5 poles) for system management I2C1, I2C2.


Normally a battery voltage with approximately 3V is available at Pin VBAT of connector VPX-J1. The voltage is externally accessible with connector X5 or
internally using 3.3V_AUX by closing Jumper BR2.


If Jumper BR1 is closed NVRMO is set to memory writeable

JTAG Connector

For test and programming a JTAG connector (6-pole) is implemented (XJT1).

Power Studs M4
  • The main operating voltages and GND are supplied with M4 screw terminals or connector X1 (fits to ATX connector without locking mechanism). 
  • The auxiliary operating voltages are supplied via M3 screw terminals. Optimal daughter board supply and trouble-free operation are ensured by the arrangement of the feed modules on the backplane.
  • If Jumper X6 is closed ATX power supply starts automatically
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