Hartmann Electronic is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of backplane technology including VME and VME64. 

VMEbus has become a worldwide standard and is used in a wide variety of applications across many markets.  Hartmann’s innovative, cost effective designs benefit customers in diverse industries including Military, Transportation, Medical Imaging, Telecom, Industrial Controls, and Aerospace.  

As an active member of VITA, Hartmann backplanes fully comply with, or exceed all specifications according to ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997.   

Standard features include
  • Monolithic 6U and 3U multilayer backplanes
  • 5 Row connectors J1/J2
  • Available with and without J0 connector
  • Active ON-IN BOARD termination, active or passive termination
  • Daisy Chain Wiring:  Automatic (electronic OR gates or connectors) and  Manual
  • Utility connector for power supply and external LED’s
Product Families available
Series 165:  
Series 166/167: 6U, with & without J0, passive or active termination, with & without live insertion
Series 179: 6.5U, with & without J0, passive or active termination
6 + 3U Horizontal: 6+3U monolithic, 6U VME64x/3U power with P47 connectors 
Custom Solutions

Hartmann Electronic has been designing custom analog, digital, and mixed signal high-speed boards for over 35 years, with over 5,000 custom designs to date. Using state of the art design tools and fully automated production equipment, we provide custom solutions that fulfill the most exacting requirements with maximum packaging density.

Learn about our custom backplane capabilities


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