VME J1 Backplanes, Series 129/130

  •  3U VME backplane with J1 connector:  2 to 21 slots

  • Slot pitch 4 HP (20.32mm)

  • Daisy Chain:  Automatic:  Electronic (with OR gates) or via mechanical connectors.  Manual; via wire-wrap posts

  • Active or passive termination

  • Optimized for best HF behavior.  Outer layers designed as shielding areas

  • PCB material FR-4, UL recognized 94-VO

  • Conforms to ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997

  •  RoHS compliant

Features at a Glance
  • Board design based on the HIGH-SPEED DESIGN concept.  Low reflection is achieved by means of uniform signal surge impedance
  • Shielding of each individual signal line assures minimal coupling, even when expanded to the 64-bit mode with the 2e protocol (160 Mbytes/s)
  • Backplanes come with active-IN-ON-BOARD termination.  Active and passive termination versions are available
  • Active termination offers reduced closed-circuit consumption, Passive termination offers better frequency response and wider temperature range
  • Backplanes come with Electronic Automatic Daisy Chaining (OR gates are integrated into the backplane) or via mechanical connectors
  • Electrically, the corresponding wiring is located at the end of the bus lines.  Mechanically, it is situated between the outermost slots in a space-saving design.
  • Solid electrically conductive chassis GND surface in the backplane to card rack area for EMC-tight mounting.  HF coupling of card rack and system ground is implemented by capacitors (10nF, 200V in each slot). 
  • A combination M6 screw/Faston 6.3 x .8mm is provided for chassis ground connection
  • Main operating voltage is supplies via terminal bars with M6 screws
  • Utility connector included for power supply and external LED’s
  • For specific part numbers, download the Catalog sheet
Passive/Active Termination
Description   Passive Termination Active Termination
Manual Daisy Chain J1   B1294_ _A7B
Manual Daisy Chain J1 B1294_ _P7B  
Electronic ADC
(mechanical connectors)
J1 B1294_ _P7D B1294_ _A7D
Electronic ADC
(OR gates)
J1 B1304_ _P7D B1304_ _A7D

_ _ : No. of slots  (1 Slot = 4 HP = 20.32 mm)

Custom Solutions

Hartmann Electronic has been designing custom analog, digital, and mixed signal high-speed boards for over 35 years, with over 5,000 custom designs to date. Using state of the art design tools and fully automated production equipment, we provide custom solutions that fulfill the most exacting requirements with maximum packaging density.

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