CompactPCI Backplanes, Horizontal mount 6+3 U with P47 Connectors

  • 6 + 3U monolithic backplane, 6U cPCI, 3U power backplane with P47 connector(s)

  • System slot left

  • Slot pitch 4 HP (20.32mm)

  • 33MHz

  • 5V I/O, 64 bit with rear I/O all slots

  • Shielded high-speed layout design guarantees optimal, synchronized timing and interference-free operation

  • Outer layers designed as shielding areas

  • PCB material FR-4, UL recognized 94-VO, 2.8mm (.11” thick)

  • Conforms to PICMG 2.0 R 3.0 Specification

  • RoHS compliant

Features at a Glance
  • Designed for horizontal assembly
  • Electrical power supplied via P47 connector(s)
  • Temperature sensors and connector terminals are integrated onto the backplane
  • A DIP switch facilities selection of two different temperature curves for each fan:  On = reduced temp curve, Off = Standard temp curve
  • For systems with a fan slot, fan signals are also provided by a 14-pole plug
  • Board design based on the HIGH-SPEED DESIGN concept.  Low reflection is achieved by means of uniform signal surge impedance
  • Design features an energy buffering feature which works across the entire frequency range.  This guarantees improved reliability due to more stable supply  voltages directly at each slot in conjunction with fluctuating loads
  • Continuous electrically conductive chassis GND surface located in the area where the backplane is mounted on the card rack.  An M3 screw connection is available to connect chassis ground. 

    By installing a connecting bracket or busbar, chassis GND can be connected to ground in a low-resistance star arrangement
  • Plug-in connectors for external connection of the JTAG and IPMB busses are standard
  • For specific part numbers, download the Catalog sheet

Order Numbers


2.H0003010 cPCI 64-bit, 5V I/O, 1x P47 for 1U chassis
2.H0006020 cPCI 64-bit, 5V I/O, 2x P47 for 2U chassis
2.H0012020 cPCI 64-bit, 5V I/O, 4x P47 for 4U chassis
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