CompactPCI  Test Adapter 3 and 6U


  • Test adapter allows measurement and testing of both 3 and 6U CompactPCI assemblies

  • Easy access to the test boards from 3 sides

  • Test adapter is held firmly in place by the front and lateral guides

  • The BRIDGE design allows for up to 3 cPCI cards and 1 PCI card to be inserted into a single cPCI slot.  This allows system developers the ability to implement a large number of tests while having access to the large number of PCI cards available

  • Test adapter can be mounted in chassis with an overall depth up to 220mm

Features at a Glance
  • The complete Windows support provided by this product facilitates fast system integration.  Additional drivers are not needed.  PCI devices are detected by a standard PCI BIOS with BIOS extension.
  • Controlled impedance layout design guarantees optimal operational reliability.
  • Automatic voltage adaption to 3.3 or 5V I/O backplane
  • Secondary V I/O adjustable by means of jumper
  • Supply voltage for bridge operation of 5V (single) from backplane
  • LED indicators for all secondary voltages
  • All operating voltages can be separated for current consumption measurement
  • Simple adaptation to different interrupt tables by means of jumpers
  • JTAG Support
  • High-resistance switching of PCI bus singnals via the bridge
  • EMC-compliant design
  • 8 GND test points facilitate measurement on the test specimen    
  • Guide insertion of test specimens from 3 sides
Order Number Product Description


cPCI test adapter, 3U, 4 HP, 32-bit rear I/O connector present in 2 slots


cPCI test adapter, 3U, 4 HP, 32-bit additional rear I/O signals traced to the front


cPCI test adapter, 6U, 4 HP, 64-bit, all 315 I/O signals can be individually separated with jumpers