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Chassis Monitor and Control

The Control, Measurement and Data Logging system (CML) is designed to add remote control and monitoring functionality to electronic systems.

An Integrated supervision system compares all measured voltages and currents with a minimum & maximum value and temperatures with a maximum value. Exceeding the established parameters will power down the system.

Many industrial standard features are built in: WWW-Server integrated, full control via SNMP protocol, 100BASE Ethernet connection, free accessible digital in-/outputs and more.

Additional Information

  • Power supply control, programmable trip thresholds (min/max voltage, max current, power, temperature)
  • Low Profile Shelf manager for CompactPCI®, Serial, VPX, VME chassis in 3U height, system connection provided on a 2 mm high density connector, with internal auxiliary 5V power supply
  • Fan control: up to 6 fans monitored with programmable fan speed (no PwM signal necessary)
  • Generation and detection of VME/cPCI RESET and ACFAIL
  • Temperature measurement: 1-wire-bus for up to 6 digital temperature sensors
  • PC-Control (connected to galvanic isolated USB or Ethernet) with free available software
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for real-time processing of all measured data
  • Digital inputs and outputs, 8 x TTL each
  • Ethernet connection IEEE 802.3, 10BASE-T, and IEEE 802.3U, 100BASE-TX, embedded web-server integrated, full control via SNMP protocol
  • AC input, fuse and main switch
Part No.DescriptionDatasheet
1H00004170Chassis Monitor and Control - CompactPCI + VME/VME64x compact shelf manager / CML 3U x 8HP

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