Automated Backplane Manufacturing

Hartmann Electronic uses best-in-class automated assembly equipment for backplane production.

Our equipment blends low volume-high mix capabilities with the flexibility to handle a wide component range, from chips to 25mm tall odd form.

Specific inspections are performed through out the assembly process to ensure consistent quality.

Click here, to learn more about our Quality systems and ISO Certification.

In the interest of promoting environmental responsibility, Hartmann products are RoHS compliant .

Solder Mask Printing
  • The MY500 Jet Printer is a Hartmann Electronic innovation
  • 30 000 cph equivalent
  • Optimizing paste volumes for each solder joint
  • No cleaning or manual adjustments
  • Integrated ROMMEL board handling system

SMD Assembly
  • The Universal Instruments AdVantis AX-72e Pick and Place SMD line provides flexibility and speed.  It is designed to handle high mix/low volume production.  The AdVantis can place a wide range of surface mount device sizes and shapes (from chips to 25mm odd form), with a component mounting speed of .19 seconds per placement (18,900 components per hour)
  • Single, mixed head, dual head capability
  • Up to 7 spindle placement head
  • Up to 4 spindle head to deliver widest component range
  • Component range 0603 mm (0201) – 55mm x 55mm SFOV
  • Feeder slots:  max 144 (8mm tape)
  • Max PCB size:  457mm wide x 635mm length
  • Feeder types:  Tape, tray, tube, component strips, bulk, odd form, wafer, waffle and gel pack
HOTFLOW 2/20 Reflow Soldering
  • The Ersa HOTFLOW 2/20 is setting the industry startup solution for lead free reflow soldering
  • 8 heating areas and 2 cooling areas
  • 70 KW heating performance
  • Handles up to a maximum board width of 500mm (19.69”)
  •  Max width 500 mm
POWERFLOW N2 Full-Tunnel Wave Soldering System
  • Superior process stability even at maximum throughput
  • Precise and economical flux deposition through ability to program areas to be fluxed
  • Modular preheat configuration for flexible and reproducible heat transfer
  • Ideal solder nozzle combinations for all application requirements
  • Prolonged cleanliness on account of the continuous cleaning of the process gas
  • Energy and cost efficiency through intelligent heating and nitrogen control algorithms
  • Ease of maintenance because of excellent accessibility to all areas of the system
  • Robust, heavy duty, durable and automatically lubricated chain conveyor system
  • Maximum board width 450 mm (17.72”)
Selective Soldering System Ersa ECOSELECT 2
  • Compact Selective Soldering System with small footprint
  • Batch or in-line operation
  • Ersa CAD Software
  • Up to 2 solder bath and 2 fluxer heads to increase throughput
  • Use of mini-wave nozzles, mini-dip nozzles and area-soldering nozzles possible
  • Maintenance free electromagnetic solder pump drive
  • Drop-jet fluxer with integrated monitoring
  • High positioning accuracy and process safety
  • Lower, full-area IR preheater (scalable)
  • Convection top side
  • Low energy and N2 consumption
Fully Automatic Press-IN Center and Feeding System
  • PEM fully automatic press-fit center with force and distance control.  The machine measures all process forces (force and distance) with automatic control based on tolerance parameters, and provides 100% inspection during the press-in process
  • Up to 70KN press-in force
  • ASYS Automatic To and Up board feeding system
  • Up to 15 tools on 2 revolver drum with automatic tool changer
Parallel Backplane Test Center
  • The Schaffner Electrotest machine provides 100% electrical testing
  • Basis system WE 3525
  • CART 2, Basis system with 3 rows of cassettes
  • Up to 250 V test voltage
  • Automatic adaption
  • Up to 60,000 test points possible
SPEA Flying Probe Tester
  • Fastest probe speed with XYZ linear motors
  • Maximal Testarea 490mm wide x 685mm length
  • 4 Top Ultra Speed Probes and 2 Bottom Multi-Jig Flying Heads
  • Highest meassurement accuracy with the revolutionary Flying Tester Concept
  • Widest Test Capabilities including LED Test, 3D Laser Test, Hi-res AOI
  • Automated Application Development
HC-200 4-Axis Hybrid Coating Robot
  • The complete solution for Potting or Dispensing of Dots or Lines, Glob Top and Underfill or Conformal Coating
  • The HC-200 Robot is equipped with an X, Y, Z and Φ Axis
  • The 4 axis robots can handle up to 4 different tools. Tools can be dispense valves spray valves, grippers etc.
  • A camera on the Z axis
  • Integrated ASYS board handling system
Chamber Drying Oven
  • Chamber drying oven for coating materials Vötsch VTL 125/200
  • Working Chamber 3.125m³
  • Nominal Temperature 250°C
  • Microprocessor-based temperatur and program controller