About Hartmann Electronic

Hartmann Electronic is an established leader in the design and manufacturing of backplanes and electronic chassis for micro-computer systems.

With over 45 years of experience in high-speed backplane design and manufacturing, Hartmann offers an extensive range of standard backplanes and system platform products.

Supporting architectures including VME/64x, CompactPCI/2.16, AdvancedTCA, VPX, VXS, VXI, CompactPCIe, and others.


Founded in 1971 as Karlheinz Hartmann Electronic, the company’s initial efforts focused on telecommunication installation services.

The company soon expanded to include printed circuit board production and layout services.  By 1979, recognizing the growing market requirement for backplanes, Hartmann introduced design services and manufacturing of backplanes, and was one of the first companies to use press-fit technology in backplane production.

The company name changed to Hartmann Electronic in 1997 and employed over 80 people.  Hartmann featured state-of-the-art production facilities, including automated soldering and CNC press-fit equipment, SMD assembly lines, and fully automated test equipment.

With more customers requiring complete microcomputer systems customized to their unique requirements, Hartmann sought out a partner with system engineering expertise.  Hartmann found such a partner and today is a member of the Phoenix Mecano Group, a $500 million organization.

A true global company, Phoenix Mecano employs approximately 7,000 people, with manufacturing and sales offices across the globe.  For more information about our organization, companies, and capabilities, click on the Phoenix Mecano logo.

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